Eldercare Domestic Helper

Elderly care domestic helper in Singapore

S’pore’s population ageing rapidly: Nearly 1 in 5 citizens is 65 years and older. It is comforting to know that healthcare in Singapore remains accessible and affordable for many. However, it is important to note that that are more elderly living longer with complex conditions that might result in the reduction in mobility and independency for daily activities. This eventually leads to difficulty in providing proper caregiving to elderly at home. 

Medical Assistance4u team knows the importance of proper elderly care.

Many of our clients have shared with us the pain and trouble they go through to find the correct helper to care their senior. The transition to a new helper is a tough period for the employers as they have to teach the new helper how to take care of the senior as many of the helpers do not have the skills or experience to take care of elderly.  

To tackle these issues, we are partnering with EZhelper to train domestic helpers to provide helpers with elderly caregiving skills.

EZhelper will be in-charge of hiring suitable helpers for the family member and Medical Assistance4u will train and ensure the helper understand what to look out for and how to care for the senior.

Elderly care domestic helper training in Singapore

In order to provide proper training for the helpers, we have nurses of different nationalities such as Burmese. This allows the nurses to communicate in the helper’s mother tongue to ensure good communication between the trainer and the helper.

At the end of the training, helpers will be able to provide elderly care and proper basic caregiving whilst taking care of the household chores. Basic caregiving includes assist in toileting or changing diapers, transferring back and forth between bed and wheelchair several times a day or calming an elderly down from his frequent mood swings.