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Wheelchair Bus Transportation

wheelchair bus transportation in singapore

Due to popular demand, we are proud to present to you our “members” JIAXIN and JIAAN. JIAXIN and JIAAN are elderly-oriented and wheelchair-friendly minibus that is capable of carrying 9 adults, or 1 wheelchair-bound passenger with 7 other adults.

“家” — JIA in Chinese is home/family
“心” — XIN in Chinese is love/heart.
“安“ — AN in Chinese is grateful/kindness.

JIAXIN and JIAAN are installed with a remote-controlled wheelchair lifting platform that eases access for wheelchair-users. This minimises the need for transferring the patient out of the wheelchair, a process that often results in discomfort or pain for the wheelchair user.

Multiple charging points are available to cater to a wider range of user, including users who require additional medical equipment, such as an oxygen concentrator.

Wheelchair Transport Services in Singapore

We offer wheelchair transport services in Singapore for:

  1. Airport wheelchair pickup and drop off (additional airport surcharges applicable)
  2. Medical visits to the hospital for wheel-chair reliant patients
  3. Family outings
  4. Last-minute wheelchair booking for hospital discharge

Why choose us?

  1. Our team has medically-trained background to offer you the safest and most suitable wheelchair shuttle services.
  2. There are charging points on the bus for patients who requires oxygen concentrator or family members who need to charge their electrical devices.
  3. Our bus is a spacious vehicle equipped with a wheelchair lifter. Wheelchairs users are promised a safe and comfortable journey.

How do I book a wheelchair shuttle service with Medical Assistance4u?

Learn more about the wheelchair transport service provided by MA4u