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Healthcare 101: Health screening services for elderly in Singapore and the subsidies available

Elderly health screening in Singapore

It is advisable for elderly to undergo regular health screening to ensure their overall well-being! There are various subsidy schemes by the government to provide financial support for elderly health screen.

Recommended Health Screening for Elderly

Recommended forTo screen forScreening testScreening frequency
Individuals aged 50 yrs and above ​Colorectal cancer​Faecal Immunochemical Test (to test for blood in stools) OR ColonoscopyOnce a year
​Once every five to ten years

Additional tests for women

Recommended forTo screen forScreening testScreening frequency
Women aged 25-69 yrs, who have had sexual intercourse ​​Cervical cancer​HPV test (for 30 years old and above)​Once every five years
Women aged 50-69 yrsBreast cancer​Mammogram
Once every two years

Source: CPF website

Elderly Health Screening Programmes in Singapore

  1. Project Silver Screen

Project Silver Screen is an initiative by the Ministry of Health and Temasek Foundation Cares to bring functional screening to more seniors in the community as part of the ongoing efforts in preventive health to help seniors age well in place.

Project Silver Screen covers:

  1. Vision checkup
  2. Hearing checkup
  3. Oral health

To encourage elderly to commit to regular health checkup, Project Silver Screen makes it convenient for elderly to attend basic checkups with pop up screening centre in the heartland areas. The cost of various functional screening is kept affordable for Singaporeans:

CardCost (SGD)
Pioneer Generation Card$0
Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) Card Blue or Orange and Merdeka Generation Card$2
Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) Card Green and Other Eligible Singapore Citizens$5

The location of the screening centre changes weekly. check out the screening schedule at Health Hub’s website!

2. Screen for Life

Screen for Life is a nationwide programme that provides subsidised health screening for Singaporeans who are eligible for the programme.

Eligibility for enhanced screen for life programme

There are different level of subsidies available for different groups of Singaporeans. Check your eligibility for the Screen for Life programme at Ministry of Health’s official website.

Elderly, categorised as the pioneer generation, who received a Screen for Life invitation letter will be able to get recommended health screening at various clinic such as Healthway Medical and Raffles Medical Group for free or at a subsidised rate.

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