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Hospital Beds In Singapore – 3 Functions Hospital Motorised Bed

What is 3 function hospital bed

Hospital Beds in Singapore: 3-function motorised hospital bed

What is a hospital bed?

A hospital bed, also known as a hospital cot or gurney is a bed designed with a special frame that have moving parts to provide users with limited movement capabilities with the best comfort when resting.

In certain instances, like recuperation/ recovery phase or when users are fully reliant on the hospital bed for basic movement, a hospital bed is required at home.

Benefits of choosing the right hospital bed

The functions that the hospital has not only impact the user, but also the caregiver:

    1. For user who are  weaker and require assistance to stand from their bed, hospital beds with a bedside railing provides them with sufficient support and reduces fall risk.
    2. The frame of the hospital can be adjusted to a sitting position for users who are reliant on external help to move. 
    3. Eases the caregiver load of positioning the user with remote adjustment of the bed frame. 
    4. Adjustable bed frame positions the user in a position that is easy for caregivers to transfer them. This prevent physical strains on the caregiver 

Types of hospital bed – 3-function motorised hospital bed

In Medical Assistance4u, we offer 3 types of hospital bed, 2, 3, and 5 function hospital bed.

3 function motorised bed is electrically controlled. The 3 functions the bed frame provides are:

  1. Adjust the height of the entire hospital bed
  2. Up / down movement of upper body
  3. Up / down movement of leg

Adjustment of the entire hospital is essential when the user requires the caregiver to:

  1. Change of clothes
  2. Transfer onto and off hospital beds

The added function of adjustment of bed height reduces physical strains on the caregiver, increases safety and comfort level for the user.

At Medical Assistance4u

We provide 3 types of hospital beds:

  1. 2 function hospital bed
  2. 3 function hospital bed
  3. 5 function hospital bed

and delivery and installation services within Singapore.

Our team of medically trained staff at Medical Assistance4u can provide you with consultation services to assist you in finding the hospital bed you need and the most suitable safety tools for your loved ones.

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