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5 Ways to Improve Mental Health Among the Elderly

5 Ways to Improve Mental Health Among the Elderly

1. Having a daily routine

This might be hard for elderly who live alone, but there are small steps you can take to help them build a simple daily routine.

Fixing mealtimes and bedtimes are two areas to start with. These can help get them used to following a simple schedule and regularly get a good sleep. Slowly, other activities like exercise and social events can be added to the routine.

2. Keeping physically active

Exercising for about 20 to 30 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week is generally recommended. This not only keeps the elderly physically healthy, it also releases feel-good endorphins that help improve their mood and reduce anxiety.

Simple exercises can include walking, swimming, dancing and even gardening.

3. Maintaining a strong social circle

For older adults, losing touch with friends and reduced participation in social activities due to decreased health or mobility can lead to social isolation. Having a circle of friends and family is important in fighting feelings of loneliness that can lead to depression.

It is important to continue to build strong social circles and maintain relationships even into old age. Some avenues to do so are through community activities and trying new hobbies, like volunteering. 

Social media is also a great way to connect with family and friends across physical distance.

4. Doing activities that provide mental stimulation

This is crucial for preventing cognitive decline in the elderly as they grow older. Activities that engage the mind improves brian health, keeps the brain sharp and delays memory decline.

Some simple activities that help stimulate the mind are:

  1. Reading and writing
  2. Learning a new language
  3. Playing an instrument
  4. Doing puzzles

5. Speaking with a counsellor or therapist

Engaging a trained professional like a social worker, psychologist or therapist for counselling or therapy can be beneficial for treating depression in elderly. 

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