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6 Signs of Mental Illness in the Elderly

6 Signs of Mental Illness in the Elderly

Mental health is an important part of elderly care.

While mental illness affects younger adults more than the elderly, the elderly who are affected are less likely to seek help. Many elderly may not even realise when they are experiencing mental health disorders.

If you believe your loved one is facing a mental illness, it is advisable to seek professional help. Physical symptoms are easier to notice and get reported more often than psychiatric ones. Here are some signs to look out for that might help identify if an elderly is experiencing a form of mental illness.

1. Social withdrawal

This includes avoiding social gatherings, activities and hobbies. Elderly who are struggling with mental illness may lose interest in things they used to find enjoyable.

2. Mood changes

Mood changes lasting longer than two weeks might indicate a form of mental illness. Examples of such mood changes can include unexplained feelings of sadness and worthlessness and sudden outbursts from individuals who are normally easy-going and calm.

3. Physical changes

Mental illness can result in changes to physical appearance like a sudden weight loss or gain. Neglect of personal hygiene and the living space can also indicate the individual is struggling with mental illness.

4. Memory loss

Memory loss is a natural part of ageing. However, it is worth consulting a healthcare provider for an evaluation if your loved one is having difficulty with short-term memory or has suddenly started to experience memory loss.

5. Cognitive problems

Mental illness can result in having difficulty concentrating and making decisions. Associated symptoms could include having trouble working with numbers and managing finances.

6. Increased stress

A reasonable level of stress in daily life is normal, but frequently worrying and obsessing over seemingly small matters can be a sign of struggle with mental illness.

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