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Common Bathroom Hazards for Elderly Users

Common hazard of toilet for elderly

Common toilet hazards for the elderly

Slippery surfaces and sharp objects in home toilets make using the bathroom extremely dangerous for the elderly. Here are 4 common toilet hazards and ways to ensure a safer bathroom environment for our loved ones.

Common support points by elderly in the toilet

1. Shower screens

Toilet Shower Screen

With higher risk of falling among the elderly, a potential fall or collision into the glass panels can cause the glass to shatter and injure bathroom users.

Spontaneous glass breakage can also occur in tempered glass with internal defects or from thermal shock.

Such cases of glass breakage are not new. In 2015, a man in Jurong died after falling through a glass panel in the toilet. More recently in 2018, 2 girls suffered injuries when the glass screen in their toilet shattered spontaneously during their shower.

On top of that, after shower is taken, the surface of the shower screen becomes very slippery. If the shower screen is a support point of contact for the elderly, it makes transiting in the toilet very dangerous.

2. Sliding screen doors can be a challenging for the elderly to move

Decreased muscular strength and mobility impairment can make moving glass doors difficult for seniors. This poses danger in bathrooms where slippery surfaces add to the risk of falling and injury. 

3. Using the basin as support

Common hazards in toilet for elderly

Seniors who experience balancing and mobility issues may use the basin to support themselves in the toilet. This can cause them to fall as sinks are not designed to provide stable support.

4. Having a shower seat that is too low or slippery

Weak leg muscles and balance issues make it hard for seniors to sit down or get up from low or slippery shower seats. In turn, the difficulty transitioning on and off the seat increases their risk of bad falls.

5. Elevated ledges

Elevated ledge at toilet entrance

Navigating steps and changes in walking surfaces can be difficult for seniors with weak leg muscles and mobility issues. The need to step over elevated ledges onto slippery surfaces increases the risk of tripping and falling.

Elevated surfaces also pose inconvenience and added danger for elderly who depend on aids like wheelchairs or walking frames to move around.

Common toilet installation to create a safe environment for elderly

  1. Grab Bars/ Supporting Bars

Support Bar installation

Grab Bar Installation

Installing grab bars and supporting bars in the bathroom gives the elderly surfaces with optimum support and decreases their chances of falling in the toilet.

2. Non-Slip Bathroom Mats

Interlocking Anti Slip Mat

Elderly falls can be mitigated by placing interlocking anti-slip mats on the floor for added stability when transiting in the bathroom.

3. Rapid Absorb Mats

Rapid Absorb Mat

Rapid Absorb Mat provides non-slip solutions that are easy to install in bathrooms. Medical Assistance4u’s rapid absorb mats comes with an anti-slip layer that keeps the mat in place when pressure is placed on it.

4. Shower Chairs

Anti-slip shower chair

Installing the right shower chair is essential for safe showers. Our team provides consultation services and installation of a variety of shower chairs to best meet your needs.

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