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What are the Differences Between Wheelchairs and Pushchairs?

What are the differences between wheelchair and pushchairs

Differences between wheelchairs and pushchairs

Choosing the right chair is critical to ensure the safety and comfort for both users and the caregivers. Within each category, there are also minor differences that makes each specific wheelchair suitable for different patients. In this article, we will go through the process of how to differentiate between pushchairs and wheelchairs so you will never purchase the wrong chair ever again!


Wheelchairs vs pushchairs

Similarities between Pushchairs and Wheelchairs

There are 3 major similarities between pushchairs and wheelchairs:

  1. Flip up armrest

Wheelchair with flip up armrest

2. Adjustable leg rest

Wheelchair with adjustable calf pads

3.Compact (to put into vehicle)

Solid Castor Wheelchair

Differences between pushchairs and wheelchairs

Larger wheels with grab handles for self-propel optionSmaller Wheels and requires assistance from caregiver
Suitable for patients of heavier weight (>45kg)Suitable for patients of lighter weight (<45kg)
Wider seat width optionsSmaller seat width
Compact, slightly heavier than pushchairsCompact and light
Higher stabilityLower stability
  1. Self propelling vs caregiver 

Wheelchair wheels

Wheelchairs have grab rims around the wheels for users to self propel and move about independently.

PU Wheelchair

Pushchairs have smaller wheels so users who opted for pushchairs requires a caregiver to assist by pushing the pushchair. User who weight above 80kg we would recommend buyer to get a wheelchair instead of pushchair

2. Weight of user

Weight of the user is an important factor to consider as choosing the wrong wheelchair will take a tool on the the caregiver. Most of the wheelchairs and pushchairs in the market states that the load capacity of the chairs is 100kg. However, if the user weighs above 80kg, the caregiver will have a hard time assisting the movement of the user, especially up and down ramps and slopes.

3. Seat Width

Wheelchair comes in wider range of seat width. Bariatric wheelchair, a type of wheelchair, has a much wider width.

Seat width is an important factor to consider for users who are oversized or have larger hip bone. Commonly, wheelchairs have a size width of 18 inch. Users who are overweight or have a larger hip bone may want to consider 20inch seat width.

4. Portability

All our wheelchair, pushchair, recliner wheelchairs can be folded and are compact enough to put into the boot of cars. This makes travelling much more convenient. However, do note that wheelchairs are slightly heavier than pushchairs.

5. Stability

Pushchairs are less suitable for users who weighs above 45 kg. This is because the wheel size of pushchairs are smaller, decreasing its centre of gravity. Wheelchairs, on the other hand, have larger wheels to accommodate to users who weighs above 45kg.

How to select the right wheelchair?

As there many wheelchairs available in the market, it is good to know the options and how to select the most suitable wheelchairs. You can either start with looking at the types of wheelchairs and how to choose one or decide based on the type of user.

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