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Medical Transport in Singapore – Differences between Medical Transport Service (MTS) & Wheelchair bus transport

Members of the public (MOP) are often confused by the term Medical Transport Service (MTS) with Wheelchair escort bus transport. In this article, we will clarify the difference between MTS and wheelchair bus transport.

What is Medical Transport Service?

Medical Transport Service (MTS) is managed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) as one of the accredited private ambulance operators. The function of a MTS is to provide a safe and reliable means of transporting patients with stable non-emergency medical conditions.

It is mandated for MTS to be  staffed by at least two man crew. Within the team, there is a crew leader. A crew leader which must be either a Paramedic, Emergency Medical Technician or Nurse. The other crew member(s) must be  minimally qualified as a medical transport driver. The MTS vehicle must fulfil the Minimum Standard of Equipment, which includes:

  1. VHF radio network communication or mobile phone or other ambulance to hospital communication equipment; 
  2. Fire extinguisher; 
  3. Current Singapore street directory or electronic equivalent; 
  4. Global positioning system (GPS) /automatic vehicle location/ other navigation system; 
  5. Passenger seat and safety belts; 
  6. Attendant seat and safety belts; 
  7. Frosted or tinted windows in-patient compartment to ensure patient privacy; 
  8. Clear side windows in driver’s cabin; 
  9. Medical equipment as specified in Appendix 4, which should be regularly checked, re-stocked and be in good working condition when the Medical Transport is despatched; and
  10. Any other equipment specified by MOH or any other authority.

Cost of Medical Transport Service

Cost of the MTS ranges from $85-$320.

The prices stated in the table is correct as of 05 Jun 2023. Refer to the MOH medical transport services MTS detailed fees for the latest price list.

Other equipment such as airway and ventilation equipment, intravenous equipment, immobilization device and more can be provided at additional cost.

Some of the companies engaged under the MTS survive might have a wheelchair lifter installed on the vehicle to move the wheelchair user onto the vehicle without removing them from the wheelchair. For companies that do not have a wheelchair lifter, the service provider will manually carry the wheelchair into the vehicle. For MTS services, only one caregiver is allowed to accompany the patient in the vehicle.

What is wheelchair bus transport?

Wheelchair bus transport, also known as Medical Escort and Transport (MET), is categorised under the excursion category. 

Only one man with a vocation license and first-aid trained  is required for this service. There are multiple Wheelchair Bus Transport service provider in Singapore like Medical Assistance4u, Strides Care, and Silver Fleet.

The cost of the transport ranges from $40 – $75. Most of the companies providing wheelchair bus transport services have vehicles equipped with a wheelchair lifter. With such a feature, there is no need for the wheelchair user to be removed from the wheelchair during the transport.

Such wheelchair bus transport caters to PMA, PMD and wheelchair but the transport of PMA and PMD within the vehicle  is subjected to the approval of the service provider hence it is advisable to call and enquire before making a booking.  

Our wheelchair transport buses are equipped with a wheelchair lifter and sufficient space to comfortably transport up to 7 passengers alongside the wheelchair, PMA or user.

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