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How to book: Wheelchair transport in Singapore

Wheelchair transport in Singapore

Wheelchair Transport in SG: Medical Assistance4u

Medical Assistance4u started to provide wheelchair transport since 2019. With a team trained in the medical industry previously, our team puts the safety of the wheelchair user and their family members as our priority.

For wheelchair transport, we utilise our wheelchair transport buses that is equipped with a wheelchair lifter and sufficient space to ensure the comfort of the wheelchair user. The bus is also designed to ensure up to 7 family or friends of the wheelchair user are able to accompany the wheelchair user to family outings to medical visits. 

Why choose us for you wheelchair transport in Singapore?

  1. Powerpoint/ plug available
    Wheelchair transport bus with power plug

We are the only wheelchair transport service provider in Singapore with power plugs installed in our transport buses. Our buses are thoughtfully designed to have power plugs to ensure wheelchair users who require oxygen concentrator during the transport. 

Family or friends onboard with the wheelchair user can also utilise the power plugs to charge their devices during the journey.

2. Last minute wheelchair transport

We understand the difficult to get last minute wheelchair transport. Our team strives to provide you with support to ease the stressfulness in such situation. 

For last minute wheelchair transport within Singapore, do call up 9053 6727 and our team will make the necessary arrangement.

3. Safety as our utmost priority

With past training in the medical industry, our team understands the details to look out for when it comes to ensuring the safety during the transport. On top of that we have various features to ensure the safety of the wheelchair user:

a. Wheelchair lifter

Wheelchair bus transportation

b. Wheelchair belts on all 4 wheels

Wheelchair shuttle transport with belt

4. Free wheelchair and oxygen defibrillator provided during the trip

We offer free wheelchair and oxygen concentrator for wheelchair users if they need it. Do let us know when you are making a slot booking for the wheelchair transportation.

How to book Wheelchair Transport with Medical Assistance4u?

Step 1: Contact us directly

To book wheelchair transport with Medical Assistance4u, you can either drop us a call or message at 9053 6727 or drop us a enquiry form which is found at the bottom of the page. If you have any other questions about our wheelchair transport, please do feel free to contact us as well!

Step 2: Decide on the wheelchair transport package 

Once the details are firmed up, you can decide on the wheelchair transport package based on the wheelchair user’s needs. We offer packages for different number of trips. 

Step 3:  Make a booking at our online form

After deciding on which package you need, you can head over to our online form to make a booking.

As the transport bus requires a certain height clearance, the pick-up locations have to be have higher ceilings (2.4m(7.87ft)).

Some of the acceptable pick-up and drop-off locations are:

1. HBD shelter pick up point
2. Airport departure drop-off point (For other pick up points, please contact us directly at 9053 6727 for more information)
3. Hospital pick-up points

Some of the unacceptable pick-up and drop-off locations are:

1. Bus stops
2. Pick-up points with lower clearing (below 2.4m(7.87ft))

What happens on the day of transport?

We will head over to the site of pick up 10 minutes before the pick-up timing.

Medical Transport Services

Our team will assist the wheelchair user to get onboard the wheelchair transport. Every step done with caution to ensure the safety of the wheelchair user

Wheelchair shuttle transport with belt

Once the wheelchair user in onboard, 4 wheelchair belts will be secured on the all 4 wheels to ensure that the wheelchair stay in place when the vehicle is moving.

Accompanying family, friends or caregiver will board the bus via the side door. 

Once the bus arrives at the drop off point, our team will assist the wheelchair user to get off the bus and the accompaniment will take over from there.

Talk to us now!

Contact us at 9053 6727 (WhatsApp or call) or email us at [email protected] for more information!

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