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How to: Rent a hospital bed in Singapore

Hospital bed rental in Singapore

Hospital Bed Rental in SG: Medical Assistance4u

Medical Assistance4u provides hospital bed rental services in Singapore. With a team previously trained in the medical industry, Medical Assistance4u puts the safety of the hospital bed user and their family members as our priority.

During delivery, our team will provide an introduction to the basic functions of the rented hospital bed and brief the caregiver on some basic caregiving tips to make the caregiving process less tedious and straining on both the user and the caregiver. 

Why choose us for you hospital bed rental in Singapore?

  1. 3 types of hospital bed available

Hospital bed delivery installationImage: 3 function hospital bed delivery and installation

Medical Assistance4u provides hospital bed rental services in Singapore for:

Different functions hospital bed cater to different types of user and caregiving needs. The most basic hospital bed would be the 2 function hospital bed which allows the hospital bed user or the caregiver to adjust the the body and leg of the user with  hospital bed via the remote controller attached. If you are looking for hospital beds that is able to support the user to a sitting position, the 3 function hospital bed and 5 function hospital bed would be more suitable options.

2. Safety as our utmost priority

Rental of 3 function hospital bed instructions

With past training in the medical industry, our team understands the details to look out for when it comes to ensuring the safety during the caregiving process of users of the hospital bed. After each delivery, we will ensure the user and/ or the caregivers understands how to use the hospital bed and give tips on how to provide proper caregiving to the user of the hospital bed.

How to book rent a hospital bed with Medical Assistance4u?

Step 1: Contact us directly

Do contact us at 9053 6727 or the contact form below to check on the availability of our hospital bed rental. We will understand the hospital bed user’s needs and with the information, we will explain and recommend the most suitable hospital bed for the user’s use. 

Step 2: Decide on the hospital bed required

Once you have decided which hospital bed to rent, leave us a WhatsApp at 9053 6727 or the contact form below and indicate your name. If you like to engage our delivery and collection service remember to input your delivery address (Charges applicable). 

Step 3:  Make payment to confirm the rented hospital bed

After confirmation of the rental of the hospital bed, our team will send you an invoice. Please make a 20% deposit or full payment to confirm the rental. Due to the high demand of rental, we provide the rented hospital bed on a first come first serve basis.

What happens on the day of hospital bed delivery?

  1. What happens before the day of delivery?

Please clear the room where the hospital bed will be installed to make sure there’s enough space for a single bed size. Our team will send out a message to reconfirm the delivery time with you.

2. What happens on the day of delivery?

Our crew will assemble the bed for you if you engage our delivery service. Upon delivery and setting up the hospital bed, our team will provide instructional guidance for the caregiver on how to function the hospital bed. This is to ensure the hospital bed is used in the right way and safely.

Talk to us now!

Contact us at 9053 6727 (WhatsApp or call) or email us at [email protected] for more information!

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