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Elderly bathroom Safety 101: Dangers of shower screens

elderly bathroom safety dangers of shower screen

Shower screen started gaining popularity as a toilet installation to separate the wet and dry area of the toilet in the 2010s. Compared to opaque shower doors, glass shower screens gives the toilet a sleek and modern look. However, as it serves as the separation between the wet and dry areas, many elders use it as a supporting point to get across to different areas of the toilet. 

Dangers of shower screens

When the shower screen is used as a supporting point, the elderly tend to put their weight on the shower screen. As glass shower screens are not designed to support weight for a prolong period of time, using it as a long-term supporting point would increase the chances of the shower screen falling and shattering.

Some of the other common unsuitable supporting points are sinks and toilet doors. Exerting force on unsuitable supporting points for a prolong period of time might result in unexpected accidents in the bathroom.

Proper supporting equipment

Before selecting proper support equipment to install, it is essential to understand the common bathroom hazards for elderly users. Once the hazards points are identified, our team will be able to provide you on the recommended tools to reduce fall risks in the bathroom.

Some of the proper supporting equipment we provide include:
1. Grab bar
2. Supporting bars
3. Anti Slip Loo Support Rail
4. Anti Slip Basin Support Bar

Installation of proper support points in the bathroom 

It is important to identify the critical supporting points in the bathroom as the bathroom is rated one of the areas of high fall risk in residential areas.

Some common areas where supporting tools can be installed to reduce fall risk are:

1. Near the toilet bowl

Grab bar installation

Elderly who do not have sufficient lower body strength may find it difficult to get on and off the toilet bowl. With a supporting bar or a support rail installed within arms length from the toilet bowl will provide the elderly adequate support to perform 

2. Near the toilet doors and shower screen

Elderly have a high tendency to use the toilet doors and shower screens for support to move across different areas. To reduce the chances of bathroom injuries due to unsuitable supporting points, we can investigate the locations where grab bars can be installed near the toilet doors and shower screen. 

Grab bar installation

3. Shower area

Shower area has the highest level of fall risk because the surface is wet after each shower. To reduce fall risk in the shower area, grab bars can be installed 

Grab bar installation

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At Medical Assistance4u

We provide grab bars and support bars with high quality stainless steel cores that are guaranteed to last and grab bar installation services in Singapore. They can be installed in high fall risk areas like toilets, living rooms, walkways and more. The surface of the grab bars are anti-slip to prevent falls.

Our team of medically trained staff at Medical Assistance4u can provide you with consultation services to assist you in finding the best support positions and most suitable safety tools for your loved ones.

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