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Caregiving 101: Anti-slip mat to reduce falling risks in bathrooms

What is an anti-slip mat?

Anti-slip mat is a great tool to reduce fall risk in bathrooms as they are affordable and easy to plug-and-play in different types of bathroom. 

How does anti-slip mats work?

Anti slip mats are designed to increase friction on wet surfaces to reduce fall risk in areas such as the bathroom. To achieve this, bathroom mats have the following features:

  1. Traction ridges on both sides of the mats
  2. Porous surface 

a. Traction ridges

Traction ridges on anti-slip bathroom mats

An anti-slip mat is have traction ridges on both surfaces of the mat. The traction ridges on the top surfaces create friction between the foot and the mat which makes it great equipment to reduce fall risks in bathroom. The traction ridges on the bottom create friction between the mat and the floor to help the mat stay in place.

b. Porous surface

Anti-slip mat with porous surface

Anti-slip mat is designed with holes to drain out water. This function reduces fall risks through the means of draining out accumulated water. By draining out the water one the surface, the bathroom will be more fall resistant for users. 

Why choose MA4U anti-slip mat? 


1.Designed with comfort

Comparison of anti-slip mats

Designed with comfort in mind, MA4U anti-slip mats are made up of a material that maintains friction even with a smooth surface. This makes MA4U’s anti-slip bathroom mat gentle on the skin.

2. Eliminates algae formation

Anti slip bathroom mat

Many of the anti-slip bathroom mats that are available in the market have hollow holes which result in water accumulation. These holes are common sites for algae formation which increase fall risk when it forms a slippery layer on the anti-slip mat. Presence of algae also results in odour.

To prevent such problems, MA4U anti-slip mats are designed without holes in the supporting corners while maintaining water draining capabilities. With such design details, MA4U anti-slip mats eliminate algae formation and the problems that follow.

3. Easy to clean

Designed with smaller holes, MA4U anti-slip mats are easy to maintain and clean. The most common question is if it is difficult to clean off fall hair. To clean off fallen hair, cleaning can be done easily with a vacuum cleaner or handpicked off after water dries off .

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