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Grab Bars VS Support Bars

Grab bars vs support bars

Both grab bars and support bars are designed to provide points of support in high fall risk areas like toilets.

Before installing either, here are 3 things to consider before selecting one that is right for you.

Read on for the difference between grab bars and support bars to understand which type best suits your specific needs.

Grab bars

Grab Bar Installation

Anti Slip Angle Grab Bar

Grab bars provide optimum support. They can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally along walls in high fall risk areas to provide safe points of support.

Support Bars

Support Bar installation

Stainless Steel Basin Support Bar with Leg

Support bars can be installed without the need for a wall. They are an alternative to grab bars and can be placed beside toilet bowls or around sinks. 

As optimum support structures, they aid in movement like sitting or standing. Some support bars even fold up when not in use to save space and prevent obstruction.

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