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How to Choose Wheelchairs for Fully Dependent Users?

How to choose wheelchair for handicapped users

What is a wheelchair?

A wheelchair is a chair on wheels that is primarily designed for use by users with mobility difficulties, both temporary and permanent use.

Understand How to choose a Wheelchair and the types of wheelchair from the various options available in the market.

Wheelchair pre-purchase assessment

It is important to understand what the user needs to purchase the most suitable wheelchair for your loved ones. The suitable wheelchair will benefit both the user and caregiver. With the right wheelchair, the wheelchair can be used in the correct manner which prolongs the lifespan of a wheelchair.

Before we decide which wheelchair to choose, we have to know:

  1. Is the user fully dependent on the wheelchair for daily commuting needs?
  2. What is the weight of the user using the wheelchair?
  3. Is the user fully dependent on their caregiver?

Wheelchair user type

  1. Fully dependent users
    • Checklist:
      • How much do they weigh?
      • How often does the user have to leave the house on wheelchair?
      • Does the caregiver need to transfer the user from the wheelchair onto the bed and vice versa?

Steel Recliner Wheelchair

For fully dependent users, a recliner wheelchair is recommended. Recliner wheelchairs are equipped with:

  1. Adjustable footrest where caregiver can adjust the calf pads of the wheelchair to a preferred height for the user to feel more comfortable, and in many cases, help with blood circulation
  2. Flip up armrest for caregivers to safely transfer the user from the wheelchair to the bed and vice versa

Wheelchair with flip up armrest

Recommended Wheelchair accessories

  1. Transfer belt

Waist Transfer Belt for disabled users

Heavy duty cotton webbing transfer safety belt provides a secure hand hold for caregivers to transfer users from wheelchairs safely and more comfortably.

2. PVC anti sore cushion

PVC Anti Sore Cushion

The PVC anti sore cushion is a portable and self-inflating air cushion that aids user in relieving pressure from prolong sitting and it protects the vertebra especially at places with uneven ground.

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