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How to Choose Wheelchairs for Temporary Usage?

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What is a wheelchair?

A wheelchair is a chair on wheels that is primarily designed for use by users with mobility difficulties, both temporary and permanent use.

Understand How to choose a Wheelchair and the types of wheelchair from the various options available in the market.

Wheelchair pre-purchase assessment

At Medical Assistance4u, we currently offer Manual Wheelchairs and Push Chairs.

Before we decide which wheelchair to choose, we have to know: 

1. How much do they weigh? 

2. How often does the user have to leave the house on wheelchair? 

3. Does the caregiver need to transfer the user from the wheelchair onto the bed and vice versa? 

4. Will the user need to self-propel themselves?

Functions of wheelchair for temporary use

1. Adjustable footrest

Solid Castor Wheelchair

For temporary use of wheelchairs, a normal wheelchair would suffice. Recliner wheelchairs are more suitable for fully dependent users. Normal wheelchairs are equipped with:

1. Adjustable footrest where caregiver can adjust the calf pads of the wheelchair to a preferred height for the user to feel more comfortable, and in many cases, help with blood circulation

2. Flip up armrest

Wheelchair with flip up armrest

 If the user requires their caregiver to transfer them from the wheelchair to either the bed or into transport vehicles, a wheelchair with flip up arm rest is a perfect choice as fixed armrest is a possible hazard, inflicting injury on either the user of caregiver, or both.

3. Travel friendly

Solid Castor Wheelchair

Our wheelchairs are also easily folded into a compact size for portability and can be set up within a matter of seconds! Wheelchairs that can be folded into compact size fits into the boots of cars and taxis with ease, making it easy for caregivers to handle.

At Medical Assistance4u

We offer both direct purchases and Short-term wheelchair rental options

With medically trained staff, our team at Medical Assistance4u can provide you with consultation services to assist you to find the most suitable wheelchair.


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