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Nursing Homes in Singapore

Nursing Homes in Singapore

Why might we consider sending our elderly loved ones to old folks homes?

In societies like Singapore, the notion of sending one’s elderly parents or loved ones to an old folks home or nursing home is stigmatised. Old folks homes and nursing homes are still often portrayed negatively in the media, leading to a general apprehension when considering medical care at these facilities.

However, as loved ones start to require higher levels of medical care than their caregivers can provide, the medical expertise and services in nursing homes become necessary to the wellbeing of our loved ones.

Here are 2 reasons we might consider engaging a nursing home for our elderly loved ones:

1. To ease the caregiver’s workload

Oftentimes, caregivers juggle other family and work responsibilities. It can become overwhelming and even impossible to meet the increasing demands of medical care.

This is especially so if their loved ones become dependent and need support with the activities of daily living.

With facilities and healthcare professionals that are suited to meet the medical attention and care requirements of their residents, nursing homes can help to lessen the caregiver’s workload and prevent burnout.

2. To give loved ones access to a better environment

Additionally, the environment in a nursing home can be better suited to your elderly loved ones’ health and wellbeing. 

Trained nurses and healthcare professionals ensure the residents’ needs are taken care off at all times.

Programmes organised by nursing homes also provide opportunities for physical activity, mental stimulation and socialisation among the residents – all crucial factors in elderly mental health.

Nursing homes in Singapore

Here are some of the top nursing homes in Singapore to consider:






Orange Valley Nursing Home

Sunshine Welfare Action Mission

All Saints Home

St. Andrew’s Nursing Home

Hovi Care

Orange Valley Nursing Home

Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home

Ren Ci Nursing Home

Peacehaven Nursing Home

St. John’s Elder Home

Apex Harmony Lodge

Charis Manor Nursing Home

Bright Hill Evergreen Home

Orange Valley Nursing Home

Ren Ci Nursing Home

NTUC Health

All Saints Home

How much do nursing homes cost?

Depending on the basic level of care required, the basic cost (before MOH subsidy) to stay in a nursing home ranges from $2,000 to $3,600 per month.

Additional charges outside of the basic cost may also apply.

While this can be costly, there are financial assistance and subsidies that can offset up to 75% of the total nursing home cost.

How to choose a suitable nursing home for your loved ones?

We want what’s best for our loved ones and nursing homes are no different. Here are 5 factors to consider when choosing a suitable nursing home for our elderly:

1. Accessibility

A nursing home that is close in proximity to the caregiver’s residence is important.

It makes visiting more convenient, especially if the caregiver has to make visits that are before or after the 9am to 5pm working hours.

2. Living Conditions

Your loved one should be spending time in a nursing home environment that is clean, safe and secure.

When choosing a nursing home, be sure to look out for:

  • The cleanliness of the place
  • Any installation of elderly-safe infrastructure (like handrails and grab bars)
  • If the facility is sufficiently lit
  • If the facility has enough space for the residents in their rooms
  • The types of recreational activities organised
  • The overall atmosphere of the home

3. Food Quality

Besides being nutritious and of high quality, food served at the nursing home also has to be something the elderly enjoy. 

Although it seems secondary, enjoyment of their food is linked with better mental health and wellbeing of residents in nursing homes.

4. Noise Levels

Different elderly may prefer different noise levels. Some prefer a home that is quiet and peaceful while others prefer an environment that is lively and bustling.

Find out your elderly’s preferences and choose a home that best fits them.

5. Staff Satisfaction

The quality of the nursing home staff is crucial to consider. They will potentially be the ones caring and interacting most with your loved one in the home.

During the initial stages of choosing a home, observe how the staff interact with their residents and if there are enough staff in the home to meet the needs of the residents there. 

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