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Transportation Options for People with Mobility Issues

Guide to transportation options for people with mobility issues in Singapore

Wheelchair friendly transport options in Singapore

Singapore is considered one of the most wheelchair accessible city in Asia. Government agencies, restaurants and attraction spots have put in place wheelchair inclusive structures, such as ramps, lifts and barrier-free features, to ensure that persons with disabilities do not face difficulties when accessing these places and enjoy the experience just like any individuals. This combined effort is to encourage individuals who are dependent on wheelchairs to empower them to move around more independently and enjoy their experience in Singapore. 

Transport options in Singapore for Wheelchair users

1. Ambulance

Ambulance service in Singapore provides medical transport services (MTS) for wheelchair users.

In cases where wheelchair users who requires need medical attention for non-life threatening conditions, a private ambulance can be hired. This option allows those who require support equipment such as oxygen administration equipment and ventilator service to travel safely with trained medical professionals. 

2. Wheelchair accessible taxis and private hire cars

Another wheelchair friendly transport option available are wheelchair shuttle services. Those who are wheelchair-bound or face certain mobility issues can book wheelchair accessible taxis and private hire cars for comfortable transport around the island.

These vehicles are optimised to carry wheelchairs and also often have seating space for accompanying caregivers and family members.

These vehicles are equipped with a wheelchair lifting equipment such as a motorised wheelchair lifter (as shown in the image below)

Wheelchair bus transportation

or a ramp (as shown in the image below)

grabassist with wheelchair ramp

To increase the safety level for our users, Medical Assistance4u also put in place belt systems to ensure that the wheelchair is kept stationary when the vehicle is on the move. 

Wheelchair shuttle transport with belt

Wheelchair shuttle services provided by Medial Assistance4u is also suitable for users who are reliant on oxygen concentrator with additional power points installed in the vehicle. 

Wheelchair shuttle service with charging point

MedicalAssistance 4u provides wheelchair bus transportation and shuttle services with JIA XIN and JIA AN, an elderly-oriented and wheelchair friendly minibus. Book a trip with us and enjoy easy wheelchair and handicap friendly travelling!

3. Public buses and trains

As part of LTA plan to create an inclusive transport sytem, efforts have been made to make Singapore’s public bus and train transport systems wheelchair-friendly to ensure that it accommodates for users with mobility issues. Features like bus ramps and rubber gap fillers between trains and platforms make boarding and alighting safer for wheelchair users. 

At Medical Assistance4u

We provide wheelchair transportation services within Singapore and mobility support equipment

Our team of medically trained staff at Medical Assistance4u can provide you with consultation services to assist you in finding the wheelchair transportation service you need and the most suitable safety tools for your loved ones. 

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Contact us at 9053 6727 (WhatsApp or call) or email us at [email protected] for more information!

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