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Types of Wheelchair Accessories Available

Wheelchair accessories can improve and enhance the wheelchair user experience. Read on for 5 recommended wheelchair accessories.

1. Anti-sore cushion

PVC Anti Sore Cushion

An anti-sore cushion (also known as a sore relief cushion) is a portable, self-pumped cushion. 

It relieves pressure on and protects the vertebrae. Besides being used on beds to prevent bedsores, it can also be placed on wheelchair seats to prevent sores from prolonged sitting.

2. Air pump

Wheelchair wheel air pump

An air pump is a good portable tool to keep on the wheelchair. It comes in handy when needing to inflate the wheels from time to time.

3. Wheelchair bag

Wheelchair Bag

Attaching a lightweight wheelchair bag to the wheelchair creates additional storage for personal or more bulky items. 

It increases the wheelchair user’s independence by increasing their capacity to carry necessities on their own.

4. Wheelchair table

Wheelchair Table

A wheelchair table gives wheelchair users a desk space for daily routine activities. It attaches to the wheelchair with 2 clamps designed to fit almost any wheelchair.

The velcro wheelchair table is an alternative that straps onto a wheelchair with 2 velcro straps.

5. Car assist bar

ST001 Car Assist Bar

A car assist bar attaches to the car door latch and provides an additional point of support for wheelchair users to hold onto when entering and exiting a car. This gives the wheelchair users more independence during the process.

It is portable and can easily be stored in the car dashboard, side door, or back seat pocket.

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