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Volunteering 101: Volunteering opportunities in Singapore

Volunteering 101: Volunteering opportunities in Singapore

1. Project Home Sweet Home

Project Home Sweet HomeImage by The Volunteer Switchboard

Organised by The Volunteer Switchboard, Project Home Sweet Home brings young families of Jalan Kukoh and volunteers together to spend Saturday mornings meaningfully.

Together with the young families, volunteers help to pack and distribute food and essential items to elderly residents of Jalan Kukoh. 

The programme aims to provide social engagement for elderly residents, strengthen community bonds among the neighbours of Jalan Kukoh and instill a spirit of volunteerism among the public.

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2. Volunteer with Ambulance Wish Singapore

Ambulance Wish SingaporeImage by Ambulance Wish Singapore

Ambulance Wish Singapore is a charity that seeks to create positive end-of-life experiences for terminally ill patients.

Spurred by the belief that ordinary people working together can make a difference to the community, Ambulance Wish Singapore encourages volunteers to contribute with their unique skillsets.

In providing platforms for volunteering, Ambulance Wish Singapore also hopes to unlock the leadership potential of all volunteers and empower them to create a sustainable volunteering landscape in Singapore.

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3. Silver moments

Silver MomentsImage by The Volunteer Switchboard

Silver Moments is another programme organised by The Volunteer Switchboard dedicated to the elderly residents of Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home

Volunteers spent time bonding with the residents of Lee Ah Mooi and through activities like physiotherapy exercises for the residents (guided) and newspaper reading.

The sessions create opportunities for social participation among the elderly residents and volunteers. The activities organised provide precious pockets of time for the residents to converse and interact with volunteers.

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4. Volunteer with CDAC


The Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) is a non-profit self-help group that organises programmes to help the less-privileged in the Chinese community.

With a focus on reaching out to families and individuals in need, CDAC offers a wide range of volunteer programmes one can take part in. These programmes range from tutoring youths, conducting storytelling sessions for children, and befriending families.

5. UnLitter Red Dot

UnLitter Red DotImage by Habitat for Humanity Singapore

UnLitter Red Dot was launched by Habitat for Humanity Singapore to bring clean and safe living environments to the home and beyond.

The clean-up programme focuses efforts on residential estates that require more help like rental flat neighbourhoods. This volunteer activity is suitable for families and children – children as young as kindergarteners accompanied by an adult are welcomed. 

UnLitter Red Dot seeks to spark conversations among volunteers about what it means to care for one’s living space beyond the home. It is their hope that a generation of compassionate citizens will pave the way for sustainable change in how we care for our living environments.

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