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Wheelchair Access Guide: Birds Paradise

Recently opened on 8 May 2023, Bird Paradise Singapore (formally Jurong Bird Park) is an aviary located at Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

Read on to find out more about the park and how it is accessible for people with disabilities.

Bird Paradise

Bird Paradise 1Image by Traveloka

The enclosures and animals of Jurong Bird Park have been relocated to the larger Bird Paradise park. Visitors can also expect to see upgraded enclosures, new exhibits and more attractions. 

There are over 100 species of birds from around the world in environments mimicking their natural habitats. Visitors can experience 8 walkthrough aviaries, each with a unique theme like Penguin Cove, Heart of Africa, and Lory Loft. 

New attractions have also been added. These include a bird-themed indoor attraction, a bird-themed playground and an immersive avian-themed multimedia show.

Additionally, visitor amenities have also been improved to give all guests a better overall experience in the park.

Wheelchair accessibility at Birds Paradise

Bird Paradise 2Image by Traveloka

Bird Paradise is accessible for visitors with disabilities. Facilities like wheelchair rental and wheelchair-accessible restrooms are available on the premises.

Wheelchair rental services 

For complimentary wheelchair rental services at Bird Paradise, proceed to the reception counter located at the park entrance.

Medical Assistance4u offers short-term wheelchair rental with same-day or next-day delivery to homes, hospitals and airports. This is ideal for when your loved one needs a wheelchair for a day out or a medical visit.

Getting to Bird Paradise

Here are some convenient and wheelchair-friendly ways to get to Birds Paradise.

Shuttle bus services by Birds Paradise

1. Mandai Shuttle

This is a loop service between Khatib MRT Station (NS14) and the Mandai Wildlife Reserve parks.

Bus fare (one-way)

Adult: $1

Child (3-12 years): $1

Child (below 3 years): free

*Visitors may pay by EZ-Link/NETS FlashPay and other major credit cards. Cash is not accepted.

Bus schedule

Buses arrive every 10 minutes during operating hours. 

Between 11:00pm – 12:00am, buses arrive every 20 minutes (subject to traffic conditions).

Bus stops

Bus timings

From Khatib MRT 

  • First Bus: 8:00am 
  • Last Bus: 11:40pm

From Mandai Wildlife Reserve 

  • First Bus: 8:20am 
  • Last Bus: 12:00am

2. Mandai East West Shuttle

This is a free shuttle service takes guests between Bird Paradise (at Mandai Wildlife West) and Mandai Wildlife East (Singapore Zoo, River Wonders and Night Safari).

Bus schedule

Buses arrive every 10 minutes during operating hours. 

Bus stops

  • Mandai Wildlife East Coach Bay 
  • Mandai Wildlife West (Inbound) Bus Stop #48111

Bus timings

From Singapore Zoo Coach Bay 

  • First Bus: 9:00am 
  • Last Bus: 4:50pm 

From Mandai Wildlife West (Inbound) Bus Stop #48111 

  • First Bus: 9:10am 
  • Last Bus: 4:55pm

Wheelchair transport by Medical Assistance4u

Wheelchair transport bus

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