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Dignity Kitchen: Making an Impact

Dignity Kitchen Making an Impact

Dignity Kitchen is a wheelchair-friendly food court concept developed by Project Dignity. Established in 2010, Project Dignity was born from a shared vision of opening a hawker training school for the disabled.

Their mission is to “restore dignity to the differently-abled and disadvantaged through vocation with passion”. With about 60% of its full-time staff being physically challenged and disadvantaged, Dignity Kitchen strives to be an example of inclusive employment for other businesses. They believe this can be achieved by adopting changes in employment practices and shifts in mindsets.

An accessible workplace environment

dignity kitchen 1Image by Project Dignity

At Dignity Kitchen, care is taken to ensure the workplace environment is accessible to all employees. 

Bespoke cashier training is provided to the hearing and visually impaired. Cashier machines are fitted with Braille markings and stickers too. 

The countertops are height-adjustable to support the wheelchair-bound ‘hawkerpreneurs’.

In the kitchen, cerebral palsy patients have access to a noodle blanching machine with an automated timer. A glass panel heater keeps food warm and minimises the risk of accidental burns.

Dignity Kitchen also runs “Dignity on Wheels”, a meal delivery service to locations within 1km of the food court. This initiative employs food delivery riders on motorised wheelchairs

Resounding social impact

project dignity 2Image by Project Dignity

There is no denying the impact Project Dignity has had on the community.

Since 2010, Project Dignity has trained and successfully placed over 500 students. Over 4,500 students have graduated from their courses and passed through their doors. Project Dignity has also incubated more than 33 food stalls and reached out to over 52,000 elderly through their programs.

Although challenges are constant and many, the founder Koh Seng Choon makes it a point to focus on the good and inspiring. He looks to expand the scope of Project Dignity’s curriculum to even more vulnerable groups like the homeless and is aiming to replicate this social enterprise food court concept regionally.

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