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4 Last-Minute Wheelchair Transport Options in Singapore

Last minute wheelchair transport options

4 last-minute wheelchair transport options in Singapore

Singapore has no shortage of convenient and accessible transportation options for wheelchair users – the infrastructure within Singapore is carefully designed to make Singapore a handicapped inclusive country. It is clearly reflected in the designs of public transportation systems and vehicles. 

In cases where you find yourself in sudden need for wheelchair transport, here are 5 options to choose from.

1. Ambulance

AmbulanceSource: CNA

The ambulance service in Singapore transports patients in medical emergencies. 

In cases where wheelchair-bound patients need medical attention for non-life threatening conditions, a private ambulance can be hired. This option allows those who require support equipment to travel safely with trained medical professionals.

2. GrabAssist Plus

GrabAssist PlusSource: Grab

Launched by Grab, GrabAssist Plus provides transport for wheelchair users with their fleet of wheelchair accessible vehicles. Wheelchair users are able to travel from their start point to destination without having to dismount their wheelchairs. 

All driver-partners under this programme are also trained by certified care service providers to provide assistance to passengers.

To book a ride, users can download the Grab App and select the GrabAssist Plus option after confirming their destination and pick-up point. This service has a limited capacity of 1 additional seat for any accompanying caregiver.

3. Happy Ride Services

Happy Ride Services wheelchair transport

Source: Happy Ride Services

Happy Ride Services provides non-emergency, point-to-point transport service for wheelchair users around Singapore. 

Wheelchair transport vehicles provided by Happy Ride Services can accommodate up to 3 caregivers accompanying the wheelchair user.

Transport can be scheduled and booked through their website.

4. Medical Assistance4u last minute wheelchair transport

wheelchair bus transportation in singapore

Medical Assistance4u provides last-minute wheelchair transportation for hospital discharge. 

JIA XIN and JIA AN, our elderly-oriented and wheelchair friendly minibuses are each capable of carrying 7 adults alongside 1 wheelchair-bound adult.

Each vehicle has multiple charging points to cater for additional medical equipment or electronic devices. Our team is also medically-trained to offer the safest and most suitable wheelchair shuttle services.

Book a trip with us and enjoy easy wheelchair and handicap friendly travelling!

At Medical Assistance4u

We provide wheelchair bus transportation and a range of wheelchairs within Singapore. 

Our team of medically trained staff at Medical Assistance4u can provide you with consultation services to assist you in finding the mobility assistive device you need and the most suitable transportation service for your loved ones.

Chat with us now!

Contact us at 9053 6727 (WhatsApp or call) or email us at [email protected] for more information!

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