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Bedside Railings – An Alternative to Hospital Beds

Bedside railing - an alternative to hospital bed

Bedside Railing – Bed Safety Rails for Seniors

When do you need a hospital bed?

Hospital bed is a great alternative to normal beds for individuals with mobility issues. It can be an individual recovering from surgery, a bed-ridden individual or for an individual who required additional support point when getting out of their bed.

Hospital beds comes with adjustable side rails with grab points for the users to use as a support when they are adjusting their position or getting out of the hospital bed.

As there are various types of hospital beds in the market, it is important to understand how to choose a hospital bed based on the user’s needs.

What is a bedside railing?

Bedside railing is a plastic or metal railing that can be attached to any beds with flat and firm surfaces. The portable bedside railing we offer at Medical Assistance4u is similar railings you see on hospital beds.

When do you need a bedside railing?

Bedside railings can serve as a safety tools to:

  1. Prevent user from falling off the their bed
  2. Provide a support point for users to hold on when they are getting off the bed

How to use the bedside railing?

Installation of bedside railing


  1. Flat and firm mattress 
  2. Sturdy bed frame

How to use the bedside railing?

In order to use the bedside railing safely, we would recommend users to follow the steps below:

Getting up

  1. Sit up for 20 secs after getting up
  2. Pull bedside railing for support to get up from the bed
  3. Retract bed rail 

Back to bed

  1. Sit on the bed
  2. Move the entire body on the bed
  3. Erect the bed rail

At Medical Assistance4u

We provide adjustable bedside railing, travel bedside railing and delivery and installation services within Singapore.

Our team of medically trained staff at Medical Assistance4u can provide you with consultation services to assist you in finding the hospital bed you need and the most suitable safety tools for your loved ones.

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