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Caregiving 101: When to Get a Hospital Bed at Home

Caregiving 101: When to Get a Hospital Bed at Home

When should we get a hospital bed?

Generally speaking, a hospital bed is required at home when users are in their recuperation and/or recovery phases and are fully reliant on the hospital bed for basic movement.

The need for a hospital bed can be assessed from 2 angles:

  1. The patient
  2. The caregiver

From the patient’s point of view

A hospital bed may be necessary for home care if the patient experiences these:

  1. Mobility issues
  2. Difficulty getting in and out of bed
  3. Is recovering from back of abdominal surgery and injuries
  4. Requires long periods of bed rest
  5. Requires regular caregiving and monitoring
  6. Has conditions with high fall-risk, for instance post-op recovery or cognitive decline

From the caregiver’s point of view

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering a hospital bed at home:

  1. Does the caregiver need to provide support to the senior to switch from laying to sitting position on the bed?

  2. Does the caregiver experience backache from lifting the user up or transferring the patient onto wheelchairs?

  3. Does the bed need to be raised up to hip level for comfort to assist the patient on bed for the following tasks: diaper changing, feeding, turning user etc

If you answer “yes” to these questions, a hospital bed in the home might be a good idea.

Types of hospital beds and functions

There are different types of hospital beds in the market. Different hospital beds have different functions and it is important to understand which ones meet the needs of your patient.

At Medical Assistance4u, we provide sale and rental of 3 types of hospital beds:

  1. 2 function hospital bed
  2. 3 function hospital bed
  3. 5 function hospital bed

How to get a home-use hospital bed?

Understanding how to choose a hospital bed will ensure the hospital bed you get meets the unique needs of your loved one.

At Medical Assistance4u, there are different types of hospital beds available to buy or rent.

To rent a hospital bed, simply follow these steps

Step 1: Contact us directly

  • Contact us at 9053 6727 or submit the contact form below to check on the availability of our hospital bed rental. 
  • We will understand the hospital bed user’s needs and with the information, we will explain and recommend the most suitable hospital bed for the user’s use. 

Step 2: Decide on the hospital bed required

  • Once you have decided which hospital bed to rent, leave us a WhatsApp at 9053 6727 or submit the contact form below and indicate your name. 
  • If you would like to engage our delivery and collection service remember to input your delivery address (charges applicable). 

Step 3:  Make payment to confirm the rented hospital bed

  • After confirmation of the rental of the hospital bed, our team will send you an invoice. 
  • Please make a 20% deposit or full payment to confirm the rental. 
  • Due to the high demand of rental, we provide rental of hospital beds on a first come first serve basis.

Read this article for more information on how to rent a hospital bed in Singapore.

Accessories to make hospital beds more comfortable

Laying in the hospital bed for a prolonged period of time may cause discomfort and , in worst case scenarios, skin infection. There are some hospital bed accessories available in the market that can be used together with the hospital bed to make the recovery period more comfortable and less physically straining for both the patient and the caregiver:

  1. Air pressure mattress
  2. Nursing triangle cushion
  3. Turning cushion
  4. Assisting transfer belt
  5. Waterproof transfer sheet

Read this article for information about the different hospital bed accessories that improve the experience of both the patient and the caregiver.

At Medical Assistance4u

At Medical Assistance4u, we provide 3 types of hospital beds for both purchase and rental: 

  1. 2 function hospital bed
  2. 3 function hospital bed
  3. 5 function hospital bed

We also provide delivery and installation services for hospital beds within Singapore.

Our team of medically trained staff at Medical Assistance4u can provide you with consultation services to assist you in finding the hospital bed you need and the most suitable safety tools for your loved ones.

Chat with us now!

Contact us at 9053 6727 (WhatsApp or call) or email us at [email protected] for more information!

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