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How to Make Hospital Beds More Comfortable for Your Loved Ones?

Choose the right hospital bed accessories

Type of hospital bed accessories and how to use them

There are various types of hospital beds available in the market, mainly in 2 categories – manual hospital beds and motorised electric hospital beds.

With so many options to choose from, it is difficult to select the right hospital bed for the user without understanding:

  1. What type of hospital beds are available in the market
  2. The type of user and their needs

Purchasing a suitable hospital bed not only benefits the user but also the caregiver. Read on to know how to identify the type of user and which hospital bed to select for each type of user.

Hospital bed accessories 

1. Transfer sheet 

Waterproof Transfer Sheet

Bedridden user’s position may be adjusted due to gravity or the movement of the hospital bed frame. Once their position has been adjusted, it will be difficult for the caregiver to shift them back into the position they are comfortable in without proper traction and grip.

Waterproof transfer sheet is a great hospital bed accessory to adjust the position of the user. The transfer sheet has 4 grip belts for caregiver(s) to hold on to for a more stable grip. The waterproof transfer sheet is waterproof, making it a good separation membrane between the user and the hospital bed to prevent any leaked fluids from coming in contact with the hospital bed.

2. Air mattress 

Home Design 3 Function Hospital Bed

Prolong contact of the skin of the user and the hospital bed prevents airflow on the surface. Suffocation of the skin may result in bed sores. If not well taken care of, the bed sores might worsen into infections spots.

Having an air mattress as the resting surface will prevent bed sore and increase the comfort level. When user shift on the mattress pressure point will be shifted. With a waterproof surface, stains on the mattress can be easily removed

3. Turning cushion

Physiotherapy Cushion

Turning cushion eases the care giver turning load when changing diaper or adjust user. With the turning cushion, user who are able to move slightly by themselves can also do simple physio exercise on the bed to prevent spasticity (stiff muscle).

4. Nursing triangle cushion

Nursing Care Triangle Cushion

Nursing triangle cushion is an angled firmed pillow that can provide support to the user, either as a leg support, provide support on the back or to keep the user in a certain position.

Nursing Care Triangle Cushion

Not every pillow is suitable for prolong period of contact. Having to firm pillow to support user back for a period of time user may results in heated patches that might cause bed sores. Our nursing cushion is designed to support the user back. It feels soft on the hand but it is suitable to use on the back. 

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