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How to Make Bathrooms at Home Commode-Accessible for the Disabled?

How to make a bathroom at home commode accessible for the disabled?

The toilet in Singapore HDB flats might have a few installations that makes the home toilet inaccessible to individuals who are facing mobility issues. There are improvements that can be made to make the toilet more accessible to the disabled.

Make the bathroom accessible and safe

Toilet installation for safer home toilet

For users who are ambulant, there are few modifications that can be done to the existing toilet to make it safer for ambulant users:

  1. Grab bars

Location of grab bars in the toilet

Grab cars and support bars for toilet

Support bars and grab bars can be installed in the the toilet to provide proper support points for users to reduce the risk of falling. 

2. Anti-slip mats

Interlocking Anti Slip Mat

Anti slip mat are temporary installation that can be installed on any toilet floors. The unique point about anti-slip mats provided by MA4U is that it has drainage holes which prevents algae growth. Plus point is, it is easy to clean of hair that lands on the mat. Just wait for the mats to dry up entirely and use a vacuum to clean it off, no scrubbing needed! 

3. Ramps

Elevated ledge at toilet entrance

Some toilets have small ledge at the entrance, making it inaccessible to commodes. A small ramp that matches the height of the ledge can be places on both sides of the ledge to make it commode accessible. 

At Medical Assistance4u

There are many tools available in the market to choose from to make your toilet safer for individuals with mobility issues.

Our team of medically trained staff at Medical Assistance4u can provide you with consultation services to assist you in finding the best support positions and most suitable safety tools for your loved ones.

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