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3 Best Wheelchairs In Singapore For Elderly

3 best wheelchairs for elderly

Importance of the right wheelchair for our elderly loved ones

Most elderly tend to lose their mobility as they age due to health deterioration. Transiting from being mobile to being reliant on a wheelchair to move around might affect their mental health. As they spend more time on the wheelchair, it is essential to make it more comfortable for them, especially when they have just transited from being able to walk fully to being dependent on the wheelchair to move around.

Based on the different types of users, we would recommend these 3 best wheelchairs provided by MA4U

Manual wheelchair for ambulant elderly

Standard Manual Wheelchair

For elderly who are still able to stand and move across short distances by themselves, a normal wheelchair with fixed footrest and armrest will be sufficient. The brakes for the wheelchair is within arm’s length, enabling the elderly to function more independently.

Manual wheelchair for fully dependent elderly

Wheelchair with removable leg rest Wheelchair with flip up armrest

For elderly who requires the help of the caregiver to move on and off the wheelchair, wheelchairs with flip up armrest and detachable leg rests is more suitable. Such wheelchairs will assist caregivers to safely transfer the elderly, reducing the risk of injury for both the elderly and the caregiver.

Manual wheelchair for elderly with wider hips 

Larger wheelchair width

These bariatric wheelchairs have a wider seat for better comfort for elderly with wider hips. Equipped with flip up armrest and detachable foot rest, this wheelchair makes it easier for caregivers to transfer the elderly user.

At Medical Assistance4u

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