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How to Choose Between Walking Sticks and Walking Frames?

Walking aids walking frame and sticks

What are walking aids?

Walking Aids

Walking aids are mobility assistive tools that provide support for individuals who requires additional support while walking. There are several types of walking aids. In this article, we will touch on 2 types, walking frame and walking stick.

Differences between walking frame and walking sticks

1. Walking Sticks

Walking sticks

Walking stick generally come with a single base. Some of the walking stick base can be change to slightly wider base. The walk sticks are adjustable in height and have interchangeable bases to fit users with different needs.


2. 4 Legged wide base walking stick

4 legged walking stick or some name it as Quad walking stick. It come with two types of base. Narrow and wide. Quad sticks have bases of different sizes, the supporting side is determined by the which side the letter K faces:

Quad Walking stick base


Wide base provide higher stability compared to the ones with smaller base. However, users who needs to depend on the quad walking sticks to climb stairs, a walking with with smaller base will be a better choice.

Quad Walking stick on stairs

3. Walking Frame

Walking frame

Walking frame will be the most stable compared to the 2 mentioned above. With 4 main legs as the main frame and 2 parallel grab pads, it provide users with the highest stability due to its wide base.

At Medical Assistance4u, we have our dual support walking frame that is great for users who wants to push themselves up from a sitting position as it has a lower grip point.

Why is it important to get a proper walking aid?

Many elderly are rely on umbrella, trollies and hiking sticks as walking aids. All of these alternatives are not suitable replacement for proper walking aids due to:

  1. Weight consideration
  2. Structure of replacement
  3. Lack of anti-slip base

Without walking aids that are mainly design to provide walking support, risk of fall is higher, especially when conditions are unfavourable (such as slippery floors).

At Medical Assistance4u

There are many walking aids available in the market to choose from to reduce fall risks experienced by elderly.

Our team of medically trained staff at Medical Assistance4u can provide you with consultation services to assist you in finding the best walking aids for your loved ones.

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