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How to Take Care of Elderly at Home?

Elderly home care

‘Taking care of an elderly is exactly the same as taking care of an infant.” – Founder of Medical Assistance4u

Elderly home care

Many elderly have reportedly expressed an inclination to stay home during their silver years. Moving out of their comfort zone and adapting to a new environment due to mobility issues and ageing is not easy. Hence, in order to create a safe and encouraging environment for our elderly loved ones, it is essential to learn about elderly home care and understand the options available in the market. 

Importance of proper elderly home care

It is important to learn about elderly home care because it affects the mental health of the elderly. They have been independent for most of their life. Due to ageing or illness, their mobility capability is reduced, forcing them to rely on the people around them or assistive equipment to move around. The transition is difficult to adapt to without the proper support from their loved ones. 

We have seen our clients try their best to provide as much support as they can like getting assistive equipment like wheelchairs or hiring a helper to take care of the elderly. However, many of them have faced difficulty in getting their elders to accept the support provided. The reason is simply because the support given is based on the understanding of the client instead of the needs of the elderly.

Many elderly we have spoken to expressed that they would like to be self-reliant as much as possible. This can be easily done by analysing:

  1. What the elderly need
  2. The available tools in the market
  3.  Understanding their habits

With this information, we can create an elderly friendly home environment which is safer for the elderly. This is a better option for both our clients and their elderly loved ones, keeping the elderly safe which encouraging them to be independent.

Areas to look out for better elderly care at home

  1. Bedroom

There are cases where the elderly sustain injuries after they fall off their bed when they are sleeping. Falling is a serious issue, especially for the elderly with weaken body structure and bones, and weakened muscle. A fall can lead to dire consequences like permanent inability to walk. 

Falling off from bed can be caused by:

  1. Rolling off the bed when deep in sleep
  2. Sudden change in blood pressure due to the change in position

Such incidents can be avoided by installing frames at the side of the bed. One option is to purchase hospital beds with frames. Learn about how to choose hospital beds for different types of users by understanding their needs and physical state.

Another option is to purchase an adjustable bedside railing, which can be installed on any beds, regardless of size of bed, with a sturdy solid bed frame and bed base. 

Adjustable Bedside Railing

Adjustable Bedside Railing

An adjustable bedside railing, an alternative to hospital beds for users who are ambulant, is a temporary fixture that is installed at either side or both sides of the bed. The width can be easily adjustable by the user based on their needs. The bedside railing serves as:

  1. Support point for elderly when they are ready to get up or into their beds
  2. Barrier to prevent elderly from falling off the bed
Having the bedside railing installed reduces fall risks in the bedroom.

2. Walking areas

a. Supporting points

Fall risk increases when elderly use weak supporting points like chairs, doors, or glass panels to move around the house. Using unsuitable objects as supporting points is dangerous as those are not meant to support body weight and move when force is applied. 

To reduce the risk of falling, you may consider having fixtures like grab bars or supporting bars at common areas of movement like stairs or the living room. 

Grab Bar Installation

b. Mobility tools

Depending on the mobility capability of the elderly, there are various types of mobility assistive tools to choose from:

  1. Walking sticks or walking frames
  2. Wheelchairs

Some elderly may face difficulty in walking. For them, a wheelchair will be a good option. There are many types of wheelchairs available in the market and it is important to know how to choose the right wheelchair based on the user’s needs. Having the right wheelchair benefits both the user and the caregiver. Choosing an unsuitable wheelchair may cause the elderly to feel like they are causing trouble for their caregivers.

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