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How to Make Surfaces Anti-Slip

Reduce slip risks in toilet - Anti-Slip surfaces

Slip Risk In Toilets

According to a research done by the National Registry of Diseases Office (NRDO), the rate of unintentional falls increases sharply with age, with majority of the falls occurring at home.

Due to activities such as washing and showering, the toilet surfaces are often covered in water, reducing the friction of surfaces. This makes toilet a high fall risk area. It is critical for you to take measures to reduce fall risks in the toilet if you have individual with high fall risks at home such as elderly or injured patients. 

How to reduce slip risk in home toilets?

In order to know how to reduce slip risk in home toilets, it is good to start with common hazards in toilets to understand what are the areas to target. After understanding the problems, we can look into tools that are available in the market to create a safe toilet environment.

To reduce slip risks in home toilets, there are a few available options in the market. We will look at how to reduce fall risks:

  1. Within the toilet
  2. After getting out out of the toilet

Choosing an anti-slip surfaces 

Within the toilet

1. Anti slip treatment

When applied onto wet and slippery areas like showers and tile floors, anti slip sprays create a lightly textured coating on the surface. Under the Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) improvements, residents are able to opt for slip resistant treatment to their floor tiles. 

During the application, contractors will spray a coating of treatment on the tiles of the bathroom after the tiles are laid. after approximately 5 – 15 mins, there will be resistance on the tiles, making the toilet floor slip-resistant.

The effectiveness of the anti-slip treatment is dependent on:

  1. The application process – The coating must be applied on cleaned tiles and evenly coated to ensure the entire surface if effectively slip resistant.
  2. After coating – cleaning of tiles with anti-slip treatment should be done with gently with a gentle floor cleanser and cleaning method. Scrubbing on the anti-slip coating may result in a more slippery surface, greatly reducing the effectiveness of the coating.

The slip treatment coating should last around 2 years with proper care. 

2. Anti slip mats

Anti-slip mats are non-permanent options to reduce slip risks in the toilet. Anti-slip mats provide stability and grip with their texture and material.

The most common problems users face while using some anti-slip mats is that the mats have small wells that trap water. Stagnant water caught in those mats will results in algae growth, making the surface more slippery than the floor. 

At Medical Assistance4u, our Interlocking Anti Slip Mats have drainage holes instead of wells. This eliminates stagnant water and reduces the growth of algae. MA4U interlocking anti-slip mats are made of high quality material with anti-fungal and anti-odour properties. This ensures safety, comfort and ease of maintenance for users.

The interlocking function gives users flexibility in surface area coverage as well as ensures maximum stability of each individual mat piece.

Interlocking Anti Slip Mat

After getting out of the toilet

Ensuring dry feet with absorbant mats is one crucial way to prevent slipping and falling. They help to absorb water quickly and decrease the risk of slipping by leaving your feet and the floor dry.

Rapid Absorb Mat

Medical Assistance4u provides anti-slip Rapid Absorb Mats that are comfortable and user-friendly.

They ensure optimum safety by absorbing water within 10 seconds. Maintenance is easy and minimal as the bottom of the mats do not collect dust, hair or sand.

Drop an enquiry via the form below or WhatsApp us at 90536727 for assistance in finding the Rapid Absorb Mat most suitable for you.

At Medical Assistance4u

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