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Caregiving 101: Elderly care options in Singapore

Caregiving 101: Elderly care options in Singapore

Singapore’s ageing population is growing quickly. As of 2022, nearly 1 in 5 citizens are 65 years and older

While elderly healthcare in Singapore remains accessible and affordable for many, an increasing number of elderly are living longer lives with complex conditions. These conditions can result in reduced mobility and independence in daily activities.

Providing proper care at home for these elderly can prove challenging. Luckily, there are some elderly care options for situations like these.

1. Nursing homes

As the elderly age, they start to require more or specialised medical care. Often times, their caregivers are unable or unequipped to provide medical care at such a level.

Nursing homes are a solution to ease the caregiver’s workload and give our elderly loved ones access to quality medical care.

There are various nursing homes located around Singapore. This article provides more information about how to register for a nursing home in Singapore, the eligibility criteria to stay in a nursing home and the costs.

2. Hiring professional nurses to tend to healthcare needs

Homage is a care service provider that provides on-demand holistic home and community-based caregiving. One of the services they provide is home nursing care, where professional home nurses can provide personalised nursing care in the comfort of the home.

Home nursing is especially useful for:

  • Simple nursing care
  • Complex nursing procedures
  • Urgent situations
  • Post-surgery
  • Medication administration
  • Night care

Medical Assistance4u also provides home-based bathing services by certified nurses for bed-bound patients.

3. Hiring an elder care domestic helper

The above two options can be expensive. For families and caregivers looking for a less costly option, hiring an elder care domestic helper can be considered. This option is the most financially friendly of the 3.

A trained elder care domestic helper is equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide the proper care. They will be able to respond to situations like: 

  • Waking up multiple times at night should your elderly need to visit the toilet or change their diaper
  • Transferring your elderly between the bed and wheelchair throughout the day
  • Calming your elderly down from frequent mood swings

At Medical Assistance4u

Our team of medically trained staff at Medical Assistance4u can provide you with consultation services to assist you in providing good elderly care and finding the right assistive tool and medical equipment.

We have a range of bedside railings, grab bars and hospital beds to ensure your loved ones safety in the bedroom.

We also provide services like installation and repair services, relocation and disposal services for bulky medical equipment, home care services and transport for your wheelchair-bound loved ones.

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