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Which wheelchairs to choose? – Types of Wheelchairs available in Singapore

four main types of wheelchairs

There are 4 main categories of wheelchair; lightweight, bariatric, recliner and normal wheelchairs. To choose the right wheelchairs, the needs of the users must be taken into consideration.

Wheelchairs are made up of 2 categories, pushchairs and wheelchairs. As the name suggests, pushchairs are wheelchairs that requires a caregiver to assist in pushing the wheelchair user. Wheelchairs, on the other hand, have larger rear wheels that users can utilise to self-propel.

There are 2 options to getting wheelchairs for you or your loved one’s use, rental or purchase of wheelchair by understanding the needs of the user. You can either directly purchase your wheelchair from shops with staff who have product knowledge on how to choose wheelchairs or commit to a short-term rental period of daily use wheelchairs

Types of wheelchair

There are 4 main types of manual wheelchairs commonly available in the market. The selection of wheelchair is dependent on the user’s needs and condition. It is also essential to take the caregiver’s needs into consideration, such as the need to transport the wheelchair user out of the wheelchair and the size of the caregiver. 

  1. Lightweight travel pushchair

    Lightweight travel wheelchair
    Lightweight travel pushchair, as the name suggests, is made up of lightweight aluminium frame. Its frame is designed to allow caregivers to fold up the wheelchair for high portability, making it easy to keep in the vehicle boot. 

    The downside of light weight travel pushchair is that it is lightweight, making it only suitable for users below 55 kg.

  2. Daily use heavy duty wheelchair

    Daily use heavy duty wheelchair
    Daily use heavy duty wheelchair is suitable for most wheelchair users because of its sturdy frame. Its high foldability makes it easy to fit in the boot to bring around. 

  3. Aluminium Recliner Wheelchair

    Aluminium Recliner Wheelchair

    Aluminium recliner wheelchair is suitable for wheelchair users who are fully reliant on wheelchair for transport. The reclining function can be adjusted to shift the wheelchair user into a lying position, increase comfort for the wheelchair user and also reducing sores.

  4. Bariatric wheelchair

    Bariatric Wheelchair
    The last type of wheelchair is the bariatric wheelchair. Bariatric is the branch of medicine that deals with the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity. Bariatric wheelchair is a wheelchair for wheelchair users weighing more than 80kg. Its structure is designed specifically for bariatric patients.

Other types of wheelchair

  1. Electric wheelchair

    Lightweight electric pushchair
    Image credit: Golden Concepts – Ultra-Lite “D” Motorised Wheelchair

    At 14.5 kg (16.4 kg with battery), the Ultra-Lite is the lightest motorised wheelchair in the world! Despite its light weight, the Ultra-Lite “D” is powerful enough to brake on slopes and overcome road humps.

    The Dual Control option also allows a caregiver to control the wheelchair from behind. This is particularly useful for caregivers who may not have the strength to push the user over long distances or up a slope.

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