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Caregiving 101: How to help a wheelchair bound person into a car

Caregiving 101: How to help a wheelchair bound person into a car

Find the right distance between the wheelchair and the car

Ensure the distance between the patient on the wheelchair and the car is just right for you.

If the wheelchair is too far from the car, the caregiver needs to carry the patient over a longer distance. This can lead to an increased risk of falling for patients who are less mobile. 

If the wheelchair is too near to the car, there will not be enough space for the patient and caregiver to stand and pivot during the transfer. This can result in both the caregiver and patient injuring themselves.

Steps for helping a wheelchair bound person into the car

  1. Park wheelchair near the car seat, parallel to the car.
  2. Lock the brakes on both sides of the wheelchair. This will prevent the wheelchair from moving.
  3. Remove all the leg and foot rests on the wheelchair
  4. Lift the armrest on the side of the wheelchair closest to the car.
  5. Stand in front of the wheelchair and move the person slightly forward towards yourself.
  6. Place the person’s hand closest to the car onto the car seat
  7. Place the person’s other hand on the wheelchair armrest
  8. Hold the person’s waistband and lift them off the wheelchair into the car. Ensure they are seated on the car seat.
  9. Bring both their legs into the car.
  10. Help them to put on their seat belt

Watch this video for a better understanding of the process.

Safety precautions to note

The person should be reminded to lower their head during the transfer. This avoids any knocks to their head against the car frame.

The person should sit down fully on the car seat before their legs are brought into the car.

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