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5 Services for Wheelchair-bound Travellers at Changi Airport

5 Services for Wheelchair-bound Travellers at Changi Airport

Internationally known for being the world’s best airport, Singapore’s Changi Airport offers world-class service to ensure the best experience for each guest. Care is especially taken to provide assistance for wheelchair-bound travellers in the airport.

Read on for 5 services offered in Changi Airport designed for comfortable wheelchair-travel. 

Assistance for wheelchair-bound travellers in Changi Airport

1. Special assistance upon request

Special assistance is available at Changi Airport for travellers with physical disabilities, who are using personal mobility aids and/or are travelling with a service animal.

Request for special assistance through your airline or travel agent at least 48 hours before your flight departure. 

Each airline at Changi Airport may have differing rules and regulations when it comes to booking special assistance for their passengers. Do note that additional charges may apply depending on your airline. Please contact your airline for more information before travelling.

2. Priority during immigration and security screening


Priority is given to persons with reduced mobility and one companion:

  • For immigration screening, proceed to the special assistance lane.
  • For security screening, approach the security officer at the front of the queue for assistance.

Security screening

Wheelchair users will be let through a side door as wheelchairs cannot pass through the metal detector.

Travellers may enter the metal detector with their personal mobility aid (i.e. walking canes, quad canes, white canes, crutches). All mobility aids will be screened separately after.

Should the metal detector be triggered, a routine body search may be carried out. Private search rooms are available upon request.

Visit this page for more details about the security procedures and regulations at Changi Airport.

3. Wheelchairs upon request

Requesting wheelchairs from airlines

For wheelchair requests from Changi Airport to your destination, make a request to your airline at least 48 hours before your flight departure.

Requesting wheelchairs at the airport

Self-service wheelchairs are available upon request for use in Changi Airport.

Reservations can be made up to 24 hours in advance through the booking portal and collected at selected information counters across the Changi Airport terminals. 

You may also approach the staff at the information counters to loan a wheelchair. This service is provided on a first-come-first-served basis.

4. Porter and shopping concierge service

Porter service

For assistance with baggage, make a booking up to 6 hours before your flight departure for a porter service.

Shopping concierge 

Book a shopping concierge and indulge in a Changi retail experience tailored to your specific needs.

5. Wheelchair-accessible amenities

Accessible-route navigation guide

Wheelchair-friendly routes around the airport are easily located with the accessible-route navigation guide available on the iChangi App.

Accessible changing rooms

An accessible changing room with an adult diaper changing area is located in Basement 2 of Terminal 3, at the public area close to the Raffles’ Medical Clinic.

Amenities in the accessible changing room include:

  • Adult diaper changing area
  • Height-adjustable nursing bench
  • Fully-automated sensor-operated toilet
  • Grab bars 

Additional information for wheelchair-bound travellers

Arriving at the airport

Travellers are strongly encouraged to arrive at least 2 hours before their scheduled departure time.

Check-in counters for some airlines close 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Early check-ins are available; details on the airlines’ check-in counter opening hours can be found here.

Getting to and from the airport

Public transport

Wheelchair-friendly public transport options to and from the airport include:

  • Public bus
  • Train 
  • Taxi

Private transport

Private car

Ramp accessible drop-off and pick-up points are available at all of Changi Airport’s terminals.

Know how to safely load a wheelchair into a car boot and assist a wheelchair-bound person when getting into a car.

Wheelchair bus transport

Medical Assistance4u provides wheelchair bus transportation services for wheelchair users to comfortably get from one place to another. 

Our wheelchair transport buses are equipped with a wheelchair lifter and sufficient space to comfortably transport up to 7 passengers alongside the wheelchair user. 

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At Medical Assistance4u

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We also provide services like installation and repair services, relocation and disposal services for bulky medical equipment, home care services and transport for your wheelchair-bound loved ones.

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