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Caring for the Elderly 

Caring for the Elderly

“Taking care of an elderly is exactly the same as taking care of an infant.” – Founder of Medical Assistance4u

It is important to understand how to take care of the elderly, both at home and when they leave the house.

By taking the time to understand their needs and the tools available in the market, we can create a safe home environment and encourage them to be independent.


Stay-home medically trained helperSource: Anglo Caregivers

Every elderly has unique caregiving needs and it can get overwhelming trying to decide on the most suitable one.

Here are some caregiving options available in Singapore:

  1. Old folks homes and nursing homes
  2. Home nursing
  3. Day care
  4. Hiring a stay-home, medically trained maid

Visit this guide for more information on caregiving Singapore and about each of the caregiving options listed above.

Encouraging independence in the elderly

For elderly who enjoy some form of mobility, an important form of care is encouraging their independence through community support, active ageing and assistive equipment. 

Exercising independence and agency increases their confidence in their abilities. Visit this guide to learn more about helping the elderly be independent.

Community support

Old folks home and nursing homeSource: Ren Ci

A community of peers from similar age groups can be a source of support and motivation for the elderly.

Some places to find community support for the elderly are:

  1. Day care centres where activities are organised for the elderly.
  2. Public spaces like parks and community gardens.

Active ageing

Active ageingSource: NTUC

The process of active ageing encourages the elderly to remain physically active and socially involved in their communities as they age.

Visit the Agency for Integrated Care to learn more about active ageing and the centres that facilitate this in Singapore.

Assistive equipment

Walking Aids

The right assistive equipment empowers the elderly in and out of the home by allowing them to navigate spaces as freely as possible.

Some key equipment to consider are:

  1. Mobility aids; like walking sticks, walking frames and wheelchairs.
  2. Bathroom assistive equipment; like grab bars, anti-slip mats and shower seats.
  3. Bedroom assistive equipment; like bedside railings and specialised hospital beds.

Caring for bedbound elderly

For elderly who are bedbound, two important aspects to consider when caring for them are finding suitable equipment and managing care costs.

Assistive equipment

Hospital bed relocation services in Singapore

The right assistive equipment can greatly improve the caregiving experience. Choosing assistive equipment to suit evolving needs can be tricky. Medical Assistance4u has a range of assistive equipment to choose from and provides consultation services to assist you in making the most suitable choice.

Here are some key equipment to look out for when caring for someone who is bedbound.

  1. Hospital beds
  2. Hospital bed mattresses
  3. Transfer sheets
  4. Turning cushions
  5. Wheelchairs 

Visit this guide to learn more about choosing the right equipment for your loved one.

Financial assistance

There are a variety of schemes to support caregiving for loved ones. At a glance, these are some schemes available:

  1. Caregivers Training Grant
  2. Home Caregiving Grant
  3. Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Concession for Persons with Disabilities
  4. Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund
  5. Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme
  6. Community Health Assist Scheme
  7. Primary Care Network
  8. Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly

To learn about these schemes and if you qualify to apply for them, visit the Agency for Integrated Care’s website here.


wheelchair bus transportation in singapore

Comfortable transport can be hard to find, especially for the elderly who are less mobile and depend on mobility assistance like wheelchairs to move around.

Medical Assistance4u provides wheelchair bus transportation with our elderly-oriented and wheelchair-friendly minibuses. 

Each minibus can carry 1 wheelchair-bound passenger alongside 7 adult passengers. Wheelchair passengers can access the minibuses via the remote-controlled wheelchair lifting platform. This minimises the need for passengers out of the wheelchair, a sometimes uncomfortable and painful process for the user. 

Multiple charging points are also available and cater for additional medical equipment or charging of devices

Our team is medically-trained to offer the safest and most suitable wheelchair transport service for users and their caregivers.

At Medical Assistance4u

Our team of medically trained staff at Medical Assistance4u can provide you with consultation services to assist you in providing good bedbound care for your loved ones. 

We have a range of assistive equipment to support caregivers and ensure they are working in safe and comfortable conditions. Services like home visits from our nurses and delivery services for daily needs products are also available to support you.

We provide wheelchair bus transportation and a range of wheelchairs within Singapore. 

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